Rakshabandhan special

Dear sister, May be i used to call you hathi,moti and from many more names but trust me after Dad if someone is my superhero then it’s You. Sometimes i get angry when you scold me but when you don’t scold me my day doesn’t pass well.You taught me to keep patience. You have always […]

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I want (a micro tale)

I want you to know that, How much i am missing you. I want you to know that, How much i love you. I want you to know that, How badly i need you. I want you to know that, How much lonely i am feeling, I want you to know that, My life is […]

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A letter to Love.

Dear love, May be one day I’ll come to say that i have forgotten you,but the truth will be i can’t ever forget you. And that day, I hope you will understand the voice of this broken heart. Yours, Forever yours.

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Backspace(A micro tale)

typing: Hey Dad! how is your wife? (backspace) typing: Hey dad! how is mom? (backspace) typing: Actually Dad,I wanna say you that I am missing you so much. (backspace) typing: Dad, can I come to stay with you? I don’t have any problem with your family. After mom, I’m feeling so lonely.(backspace) Sent: GM Dad, […]

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